Smart Visual Control Room

Tailor-made solutions of unsurpassed quality

With a Control Room Solution from WEY, Operations/IT Managers, Operators and Users enjoy maximum security and a complete overview. It has never been easier to
control systems and display information. With intuitive user interfaces, WEY Systems provide the ideal basis for modern workplaces, facilitating faster reaction times and verifiably higher efficiency.

WEY is the only provider worldwide that makes it possible to switch and distribute any and all information sources and interfaces in any combination, making them available to an unlimited number of desks in real-time!

In the last 25 years, the Swiss WEY Group has become the world market leader delivering innovative solutions for the technical provisioning of Trading Floors. In recent years and with expertise gained in the Trading Floor environment, WEY also focuses on individualised and integrated

solutions for Control Rooms and Command Centres – with remarkable success in Switzerland and Europe. Numerous Control Rooms for transportation (air, rail, traffic), energy (power stations, public utilities), industry and emergency organisations (police, fire, ambulance) have been equipped with WEY Solutions.
WEY Systems can be 100% designed to the requirements of your industry and readily adapted to achieve your needs and preferences. They can connect to any hardware
running any operating system and can be easily expanded to include additional information sources and workplaces.

The flexibility is unparalleled.
Choose a concept now that will meet and exceed your needs for 10 years or more.

Secure Cost-effective Flexible

  • WEY Solutions are secure and cost-effective, enabling those responsible for procurement and operations to achieve their business targets.
  • For IT Managers, WEY Solutions deliver the highest levels of availability and absolute flexibility. System changes are conducted quickly and efficiently.
  • Operators and users appreciate the reliable and clearly arranged workplaces, where complex tasks can be executed efficiently and easily.

This is all made possible with three innovative solutions:

Distribution Platform
• If the same systems need to be accessed from multiple desks…
• If you want to install and maintain all your computers in a centralised
system room…
• If prioritising data access according to authorisation levels is necessary…
• If “Free Seating” is a key requirement…
• If you seek enhanced security for your data and systems…
• If CO2 efficiency or Green IT is important…
…then the WEY Distribution Platform is exactly the right choice for you.

Desktop Integration
• If you have multiple applications and workstations that you want to
control with a single keyboard and mouse…
• If you strive for optimal overview and control at your workplace…
• If you simply want to work faster and more productively…
…then you need WEY Desktop Integration with our unique multifunctional

• If you would like to have all the information in the right place at the
right time…
• If your information needs to be displayed beyond the workplace or even
outside of the team…
• If high reliability, modularity and flexibility are important to you…
…then let us introduce you to WEY Visualisation Solutions.

The Future in Control Rooms – KVMA Recording

In collaboration with partner SkySoftATM,WEY has developed the SkyRec BlackBox, enabling the simultaneous recording of KVMA signals (keyboard/video/mouse/audio) from the workplace. Completely integrated with the WEY Distribution Platform (WDP), workplace environments and incidents can now be recorded, replayed and analysed. Efficient, transparent and secure working processes as well as event traceability in the control room are ensured by the perfect interoperability of the SkyRec BlackBox and the WDP.

WEY Smart Touch

WEY Technology develops world class keyboards which are second to none. The flagship WEY Smart Touch Keyboard offers uncompromising functionality and ergonomics.
Access multiple workstations without performance loss using a single keyboard and mouse. Directly control monitors and video walls with a single push of a button. Use the clearly arranged, interactive touch-screen to display to stream video or execute complex application inputs.
The keyboard is characterised by its adaptability. All platforms are supported and customised accessories ensure the optimal management of your business processes.
The WEY Smart Touch provides the ideal user interface for the WEY Distribution Platform so that users can access, control and share a virtually unlimited number of workstations and screens.