Microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers are fundamental pre-requisites of any event or special occasion where speaking aloud is inevitable. Special events such as functions, conferences, meetings, weddings, and anniversaries etc. where there is a huge gathering, a PA system is the perfect tool to address the public.

In an enterprise wide setup a centralized PA system has a far bigger challenging role to reach out to audience for routine, important and emergency announcements in a distributed manner that could be within a relatively smaller environments like office, hotel, school, sports hall or large environments like university campus, business park, factory, tunnels, transportation terminals (Train stations, Airports), stadiums, etc.




At DNA Engineering, we have pioneered and excelled in successful implementation of design built formats of various types of analogue and digital PA solutions. With over 21 years of consultancy, design and field experience of PA system implementation and after sales customer support, we enjoy strong patronage of several customers within Singapore and overseas.






Our Offered Solutions:

  1. Analogue PA Solutions
  2. Digital PA Solutions
  3. Indoor PA Solutions
  4. Outdoor PA Solutions
  5. Portable Solutions
  6. Fixed Solutions
  7. Wireless Solutions

Our Clients:

  1. Transportation terminals : Railways , Land , Airports, Sea ports
  2. Industrial plants
  3. Tunnels
  4. Prisons
  5. Hospitals
  6. Hotels
  7. Shopping Centers
  8. Elderly Homes and Care facilities
  9. Schools and Higher education
  10. Houses of Worship
  11. Convention halls and Auditoriums
  12. Office and Commercial buildings
  13. Residential complexes
  14. Stadiums
  15. Amusement Parks

Our Major Partnership Alliance: