Product Range

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Product Range

      • Public Address
      • Fireman Intercom
      • Audio Video Intercom
      • CCTV  Surveillance
      • Intrusion Detection
      • Integrated Access Control (Biometric, Contactless Proximity, Smart Card)
      • Integrated Automatic Gate
      • Professional Sound Reinforcement
      • Audio Visual
      • Nurse Call
      • Security Alarm Management
      • Key Lock System

DNA is the exclusive Asia Pacific distributor of internationally-recognized Optimus SA, Spain, in Public Address System. We are also distributor for Australian Monitor, Onity Hotel Locks, PAC Int’l, AUTSCO to Advance Care.

OPTIMUS, S.A. is a Spanish company, leader in the fields of design, manufacturing and supply of Public Address & Voice Alarm systems, (P.A./V.A.) with a commercial network throughout Spain. OPTIMUS full range of products provide the best solution in any P.A. installation in all sort of aplications: Airports, trains, M.R.T.’s / L.R.T’s, shopping malls, corporate buildings, factories, etc

Founded in 1933, OPTIMUS, S.A. has been in business for 80 years.