DNA is the exclusive Asia Pacific distributor of internationally-recognized Optimus SA, Spain, in Public Address System. We are also distributor for Australian Monitor, Onity Hotel Locks and Soundsphere.

OPTIMUS, S.A. is a Spanish company, leader in the fields of design, manufacturing and supply of Public Address & Voice Alarm systems, (P.A./V.A.) with a commercial network throughout Spain. OPTIMUS full range of products provide the best solution in any P.A. installation in all sort of aplications: Airports, trains, M.R.T.’s / L.R.T’s, shopping malls, corporate buildings, factories, etc

Founded in 1933, OPTIMUS, S.A. has been in business for 80 years.

Optimax Public Address System – 

The system design allows from basic PA installations like in schools, gas stations, shops… up to the most sophisticated PA/VA installations such like tunnels, airports, commercial malls.., without any limit in zones, calling points or power.

The   functions include all the requirements which allow to comply with the EN 60849, for Voice Alarm and Evacuation systems.

Hospitals | Universities | Offices buildings | Stadiums | Sports halls | Tunnels | Train stations | Airports | Hospitals | Universities| Offices buildings | Stadiums | Sports halls | Tunnels | Train stations | Airports