DNA Engineering offers Innovative and reliable locking solutions for our customers. DNA Engineering combines innovative technology and dependable service to provide the most advanced electronic locking solutions in the industry to our customers. We offer a complete range of locking solutions and control systems. We also offer unique energy management solutions to provide in-room energy efficiency specifically in spaces with unpredictable occupancy patterns.


Our Offered Solutions:

  1. Electronic Locks – RFID locks, magnetic locks, smart card locks
  2. Front desk systems
  3. Mobile key guestroom entry systems
  4. Electronic safes
  5. Energy Management Solutions

Our customers:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Assisted living​​ facilities
  3. Religious properties
  4. Office buildings
  5. Transportation environment
  6. Recreational fa​cilities
  7. Corporate training campuses​​​​​​​

Our Major Partnership Alliance: