In today’s globalized world, authorities around the world are confronted with an increasing number of threats to citizens, businesses and institutions.

At DNA Engineering, we have an extensive range of qualified and certified technology-based solutions to efficiently detect threats. From smoke and fire detectors to electronic fencing, biometric sensors and superior video analytics our products and solutions are designed in such a way that makes people and organizations safer and more secure.

Our Offered Solutions:

  1. Smoke and Fire Detectors
  2. Intelligent Controllers
  3. Alarms – burglary, glass break, Fire, Intrusion
  4. Wireless Security – for Home and Condo management
  5. Visitor management systems
  6. Automated detection systems
  7. Real time location systems

Our Clients:

  1. Airports
  2. Banking
  3. Campus/ University
  4. Commercial Office
  5. Finance
  6. Government
  7. Health Care
  8. House of Worship
  9. Industrial
  10. Life Sciences
  11. Military
  12. Residential
  13. Retail
  14. Train Transportation Terminals
  15. Hospitality

Our Major Partnership Alliance:

  1. Microengine
  2. DSC
  3. Sunwave